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Our Experience is as Unique as our Homes

We have been in this space for many years, learning and evolving. Understanding what people want when it comes to owning a home has been our greatest outtake. With that information, we wanted to create something that can deliver a lifestyle that stands apart.

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Our Vision

We saw how more and more individuals and families, some looking for first and / or second homes, want to escape the city life, but not its luxuries. They are looking for something that resonates inherently with their personalities and offers them modern luxury juxtaposed with peace and nature. We also observed how they want to be an integral part of the process. With that, we identify that the most important premise for anyone planning this stage of their story is trust, transparency, punctuality and great quality.

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Our Mission

Our homes are designed keeping multiple style and functional sensibilities in mind. Our destinations are handpicked to deliver every promise of tranquility along with proximity to your favourite things. Our concept is crafted to make your unique home an easy, cost-effective reality by putting the creative power in your hands.

Our Support

The greatest names in luxury real estate have invested in us and our idea. They believe The Chapter could cause a big shift in the industry. It could fulfil a major gap that has been unattended for years. Their faith and support has given us all the motivation we need.

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Our Ethos

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Signature Designs

Our homes are unique because of the way we design them. Our signature aesthetic draws inspiration from modern luxury, travel and heritage.

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Privacy and Community

We believe in the power of community as much as the luxury of privacy. Our endeavour is to promise a fine balance of both.

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Excellent Service

From fully furnished homes to thoughtful concierge services and more — beyond unique homes, we want to provide a seamless experience.

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Punctual Delivery

Our goal is to deliver your home within the timeline promised. This is a crucial part of The Chapter promise.

Our Journey

  • We arrived in Goa and worked for several well-known luxury real estate companies for many years. We learned about and experienced firsthand the unique roadblocks, challenges and gaps that existed.

  • After brainstorming and researching on how to challenge the challenges, we realized great potential and a viable market to create a unique shift in the space.

  • While we wanted to address the bigger problems, we also wanted to do something different — and give our customers the discerning creativity and control that they often lose in the process of buying and designing their home.

  • The Chapter was born. An interesting idea in a competitive space that is designed to make a difference in how you experience the world of luxury real estate.

  • We are passionate and new-age, yet equipped with a lot of experience. Our idea sparked the interest of tremendous industry leaders, and with their support we were further able to uncover the potential that exists and create the most relevant possibilities.

  • Every Chapter home comes to life after approximately 30,000 steps. From location to craftsmanship, from layout to interior design, from engineering, technology to execution — no detail is spared. We appoint the best, most experienced minds and hearts from each industry to deliver in a timely, qualitative and unique way.

  • Since inception, we have 7-10 projects in the making, with our very first edition, The Chapter: Volume 001, set to open its doors in 2023.

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